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Nintendo Wii U. You can also try your hand at additional modes originally released as DLC for Mega Man 9 and 10, which include extra stages and playable characters. Appropriate for all ages, Minecraft lets your imagination run wild in an expansive and customizable world. Boasting an enthusiastic fan base, Minecraft allows you to create your own pixelated empire or go the adventurous route in the game's Survival Mode.

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Whether you want to play alone, online or with a local group, Minecraft promises endless possibilities, especially with the numerous updates and themed add-on packs the game regularly receives. Nidhogg 2 tests your wits and speed as you face off with numerous opponents and try to avoid getting eaten by the Nidhogg, a flying worm with a huge appetite.

Duel against the game's AI or a friend as you both race down an arena. Whoever makes it to the end first, wins! If adventure is something you seek, Night in the Woods is a unique exploration game that may pique your interests with its dark humor. Play as Mae Borowski, a snarky college dropout who also happens to be a cat. Run, jump and use a number of supernatural powers to voyage into Mae's crumbling hometown, Possum Springs.

Only you can help Mae uncover life's meaning in this colorful 2D exploit. With new 3D graphics and funky visuals, Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 takes the classic maze game to a new level. Strategically chomp your way through stages while ghosts chase you around. A bonus PS4 Theme and Avatar are available with this purchase.

Pyre is a party-based RPG where you lead a band of exiles through a vast ancient world. Packed with battles along the way, Pyre lets you explore this alternate universe with your exiles in tow through a series of visually stunning celestial landmarks. With a single-player campaign and two-player Versus Mode, you can test your skills in a ritual showdown. Rad dozes off after a late night gaming session and wakes up inside his television, where he must get through his own video game.

It is there, Rad meets Dusty, his sassy and now-sentient game console.

The pair joins forces and you tail their journey through seven dangerous and action-packed stages. With fun puzzles, tunes and easter eggs, Rad Rodgers is an adventure-filled ride. The Capcom survival series that probably contributed to a few sleepless nights will reel you in again with its riveting storyline. Resident Evil 4 reunites you with Leon S. Kennedy years after the events of a previous Resident Evil game.

You'll follow Leon's journey as an American federal agent tasked with rescuing the president's daughter. With adrenaline-packed adventures in Europe and new enemies, your time playing as Leon will be a memorable one. Advanced AI and behind-the-camera views challenge your third-person shooting skills, while breathtaking graphics ensure you see every detail. Challenge your friends with customized rocket cars in this zany soccer game, and see who can score the most goals. Season-mode gameplay is also available with unlockable content.

Using their special abilities, fight against Dr.

Eggman and his robot army, as well as new bosses. A PS4 console exclusive, Street Fighter V continues the series' long tradition of being a combative arcade game. Introducing new strategies, battle mechanics and unique abilities, Street Fighter V provides an all-new experience that'll challenge your button-mashing skills. Add in Street Fighter V's cinematic story mode and varied cast that includes 28 playable characters, and you're sure to find plenty of deep fighting action to sink your teeth into.

Remodeled for the PlayStation 4, The Last of Us Remastered features higher-resolution character models in p, improved lighting, shadows and other gameplay improvements.

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Explore a brutal post-pandemic universe with Joel and Ellie while they travel across the U. Titanfall 2 delivers a crafted first-person shooter that delves into the relationship of man and machine. Dive into the deepest reaches of space as pilot protagonist Jack Cooper and his Titan companion as they battle their way through the wilderness and complex facilities. Titanfall 2 also features a full suite of thrilling multiplayer modes that let you battle it out both on foot and in the cockpit of a giant Titan.

Wilson the scientist and others once you unlock them is trapped on an unfriendly island, and must use his wits to fend off monsters, madness, the cold, and of course starvation. You explore the randomly generated island to gather materials to help you do this, with each character having unique attributes that help and hinder your efforts. The rebooted PS2 platformer takes the well loved original game and varnishes it with a glamorous cinematic sheen, plus refining the platforming and shooting mechanics to make it feel better than ever.

The story, although retooled as well, remains similar: an alien mechanic meets a lost robot who carries a dangerous warning about a plan to destroy planets around the galaxy.

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With their only hope being galactic hero Captain Qwark, the pair set off to find him, gathering information, money and a strange and dangerous arsenal of weapons on the way. Tom's Guide. Batman: Arkham Knight Great games don't necessarily have to carry monster price tags. Credit: Warner Bros Games. Credit: The Behemoth. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition In the distant future, Earth has been taken over by animal-like machines, with humanity forced back to a pre-industrial way of living, scared of the technology that drove them there.

Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Invisible, Inc. Credit: Bulkhead Interactive. Bloodborne Combining both fantasy and horror in an action-adventure role-playing game, Bloodborne takes you on an unforgettable expedition throughout the ancient city of Yharnam. Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment. Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Doom is a brilliant reboot of the most iconic first-person shooter of all time, delivering viscerally fast and satisfying run-and-gun action that stays true to the original while adding tons of exciting modern wrinkles.

Credit: Bethesda Softworks. Far Cry 4 As the fourth installment in the revolutionary open world Far Cry series, Far Cry 4 elevates its user experience with cooperative gameplay. Credit: Ubisoft. Credit: Square Enix.