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If she is example of Meijer's CS then Meijer's needs to look at how they train supervisor when working with their customers. Don't get wrong, I love shopping at Meijer. It's the best of the one-stop shopping centers. I usually find everything I need. My only true complaints are often times the fruit is rotten even when I purchase it at the beginning of the month. The strawberries and grapes are rarely fresh. Also the White Castle cheeseburgers are not usually restocked fast enough.

I know this is one of the most popular food items, but just about every time I'm shopping lately, they're usually sold out and have not been restocked. This is a bit frustrating. Other than that, my customer service experience is usually great.

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Only got a truly rude cashier once in my shopping experience. This is the worst store. Every single time I come here I have an issue. I ordered a cake for the next day and then came in to pick up the cake and the guy say, "I don't know how to tell you this, but they didn't make your cake. Every time I go shopping usually Saturday they never have any Meijer purified water on the shelf. Today they had none of any kind except spring water.

It's getting frustrating.

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I'm about to start shopping at Wal-Mart. Drop my grocery, never apologize and when also ask for extra bag for the bottle of wine, she's not happy with it. Which she still put in a single plastic bag. I was so disappointed with this cashier. We shop there twice a week and this is the worst cashier I ever seen.

Meijer has cease to offer online shopping anymore to their customers like me and many others and this is a unfair practice to a consumer like myself. I take Farxiga to control my sugar. I have a card from the company that makes the medication so I can get the medication for free. Meijer claims that the card is not valid. I called the company that issued me the card and they said the card is valid and cannot understand why Meijer will not honor the card and told me to have Meijer call them and they would walk them through the process.

Meijer refused to call them and wants to charge me for the meds. Please advise.

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Went to Quick Care in their building. Watched the dr. Did little shopping, did I mention I was very sick?

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Needed food. Came back to pharmacy in 25 min. They didn't get rx, we're unapologetic about it, didn't offer it, ok, call across their store. Said the rx just don't go through from there. Suggested they tell the lady that had just been in front of me that so she doesn't wait like I did. When she showed back up at counter, they just told her it hadn't arrived. I explained she needed to go physically pick up script. Their answer for me? I should have come over just after it was called in to make sure it was received. I watched the doc call it in! Never again.

I'd rather drive out of my way than wander around their store when I am sick. Was so disappointed with an employee of Meijer Traverse City. All 3 shampoo coupons scanned fine except for cleanser and the last shampoo coupon. The lady approached me and I thought she's gonna help me and said ok and left, but I found out she did not help me with my shampoo coupon. She rejected it but put it inside the machine. Called her to explain, she said she rejected my 4th coupon.

I asked her why and if so, why she put it inside the machine? She opened the machine and kept telling me she read it but she did not find it coz I know I was right, it says limit 4 like coupon.

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She said she can't do it anyway and she won't. So I decided to cancel the transaction. If she told me she can't accept it, then I would let this go, and I understand store has the right to not accept coupon but for her to let me believe so accepted my coupon and put it inside without deducting it on my purchases, it's not right.

For me as a couponer, coupon is like money. For her to take my coupon and act like she accepted it, it's like stealing my money. I was tired and don't wanna argue so I cancelled the transaction. I was with a friend of mine and I decided I'll observe how is she gonna act again.

The same way happened with my friend. Machine called her attention, she pressed something from machine and told my friend to put in her coupons inside. I called my friend, why is she putting inside her coupons without scanning it. She said the lady told her so. Take note, my friend just bought Garnier deal coz I told her the deal and I got extra coupon and it was her first time to use coupon. My friend wanna cancel the Garnier but I gave her another extra coupon I got. I wonder how many people she deceived by acting like she accepted the coupon and putting it inside the machine.

And I wonder how much did she make out of it. She was really rude and it was not the first time. It was my 2nd time I encountered her and I decided I'll report her but I don't know her name. I still love Meijer coz most of the employees are friendly. It's just out of 50, there's probably 1 or 2 that is so rude and hate couponers. As a couponer, I follow your coupon policy and if the local store has different policy, I respect it but I hate deceiving people. My experience at the cascade Meijer pharmacy was not a good 1. I was treated as if I did not matter, I was rushed without being helped.

This happen before 12 noon today. The pharmacy was rude along with the help.

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